Raiffeisen Research is a diverse team of cca. 80 analysts based in Austria and 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). They are the exclusive Research provider to Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group in retail research.

Raiffeisen Research used the following sources while conducting research for Fintech Atlas data:

Population in mn.Eurostat, Refinitiv, Belstat, Agency for Statistics Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rosstat, Ukrstat
GDP Total (€ bn)IMF, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
GDP per capita (€, at PPP)IMF, Refinitiv, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
GDP growth (%)IMF, Refinitiv, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Private Consumption (% yoy)IMF, Refinitiv, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Unemployment (%)IMF, Refinitiv, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Total bank assets (€ bn)ECB, national sources, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Account ownership (% age 15+)RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Debit card ownership (% age 15+)RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Used a mobile phone or the internet to access an account (% age 15+)RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Internet usage (% of population)Eurostat, Statista, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Used the internet to buy something online in the past year (% age 15+)RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Used the internet to pay bills in the past year (% age 15+)RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Paid utility bills: using a mobile phone (% age 15+)RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Made or received digital payments in the past year (% age 15+)RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Online purchase of financial activities/products (% of population)Eurostat, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Trade Flows (% of GDP)National statistical offices, World Bank, IMF, Refinitiv, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Remittances (% of GDP)World Bank, RBI/Raiffeisen Research
Gross Capital Formation (% of GDP)National statistical offices, Refinitiv, IMF, RBI/Raiffeisen Research