The bank that makes innovation part of its culture

Albania is on track to strengthen its innovation ecosystem and boost startup community

Albania is becoming a home to innovative startups and fintechs: according to statistics, the country has a very high rate of IT graduates as well – which influences the fintech community in a positive way too. As one of the first banks on the market approaching innovation and digitalization, Raiffeisen Bank in Albania places a lot of emphasis on continuously supporting the external fintech startup community as well as internal entrepreneurs, and offering innovative services and products that increase client satisfaction.

Alda Shehu, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Raiffeisen Bank in Albania, shared her views on innovation and digitalization in a video interview streamed as a part of the “Think Big” show, a new media program of Business Magazine Albania. The mission of the show is to inform and educate young people about career opportunities, the values of professions, and to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in Albanian society.

This article, accompanied by three short videos, will bring you closer to Bank’s transformation, digitalization, and innovation approach it takes in order to provide a superior customer experience.

Ready to move further with the digital transformation

Banks have started their transformation in the last three to four years, with a very strong rate towards the digitalization of their services and products.

The pandemic sped up  this transformation, especially taking into account the need to be close to customers even at a time when they could not freely access branch offices.

Digitalization is seen as a necessity that will not end with the pandemic, but will continue for a long time and will be the way in which all banks and financial institutions will transform.

There are different ways of accessorizing the innovation

It is vital to approach the younger generations with innovative products and services. One of the examples is implementing artificial intelligence solutions, such as the first chatbot in Albania. By using these innovative products and services and providing guidance to young customers, the Bank paves the way for future generations of technology enthusiasts.

The bank makes innovation part of its culture and transmits it to its customers

Raiffeisen Bank in Albania does not consider innovation only related to the products but tries to make it a part of their culture in every area – including in products and services. The bank tries to find innovative solutions that provide an excellent customer experience. Furthermore, various programs that promote internal innovation within the bank have been organized, believing that each member of the team is an innovator. Several programs were created to stimulate and promote ideas from the origination to a product prototype, with the possibility to launch this product in the market and to see how the customers react, if they like it, how they use it etc. – which allows for product to be tailored according to customer feedback.